Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas

So I know it's only June and Christmas is a long way away from now but we recently came across some of our videos from our Very Merry Christmas trip and I just had to talk about it because till this day nothing compares! If you haven't been to the very merry Christmas party in [...]


Missing Manhattan

I have been rewatching Gossip Girl and it's been tugging on my heart strings more than you can ever imagine. Is it Chuck and Blair's love and their inability to be together for the majority of the show? Is it Serena and Dan with their separate worlds? Haha No. It's Manhattan. I love New York [...]

Bakersville, NC

Since I was about 11 my parents bought property in Bakersville, North Carolina and at around fourteen they finished building a log cabin there that we then proceeded to go to for years to follow. Well this past weekend my fiance and I flew over to Asheville Regional Airport, the closest airport to our family [...]