Boston, MA: Just a week in Yankee Territor

Last week I turned twenty five… Hello milestone! With that hard hit coming I decided that going somewhere and doing something new and different was a requirement of mine for my 25th birthday. Check something off the good ol’ bucket list as I turn a quarter of a century old. So after some though about where I wanted to go I ended up landing on Boston, MA. It’s somewhere I had never been before, I have always wanted to go, and I knew there would be plenty to do. Here’s the rundown of our Boston, MA trip.

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Bakersville, NC

Since I was about 11 my parents bought property in Bakersville, North Carolina and at around fourteen they finished building a log cabin there that we then proceeded to go to for years to follow.

Well this past weekend my fiance and I flew over to Asheville Regional Airport, the closest airport to our family cabin and we enjoyed a trip in the mountains, alone. This is something I have never done because I have always gone with family, meaning we are always at least ten people.

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Let’s talk Luggage

I love travel, you know that but what’s the most important thing when getting together for a long trip?

Your luggage.

A good luggage is everything because you don’t want to be that girl who’s luggage bust open in the middle of JFK, how embarrassing. So we are hear to break down some of the most popular luggages that have been popping up on your favorite influencers feed. Plus let’s be honest luggage isn’t just a bag anymore, people judge them, they’re fashionable, and honestly, they have gotten so cute. So we’re going to show you the cutest luggages to strut through an airport. Also I’m going to keep the obviously great dream luggages like the Louis Vuitton Luggage sets or the Supreme luggages off this list because honestly, no thank you I am not paying $3,000.00 on my luggage.

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Eating My Way Through Manhattan

If you haven’t gotten the hint I love New York. It is easily my favorite place I have ever traveled to and I go as often as my schedule allows so I have decided to let you in on my favorite eats and a few of my not so favorite. Manhattan alone is filled with some of the best food America has to offer and I honestly think if New Yorkers didn’t have to walk everywhere they’d be the fattest people on the planet easily.

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How To Travel When You Have Pets

We love our little furry babies, they are the most wonderful and loving creatures. They give us unconditional love and we are better off with them in our lives. Yet, sometimes we can’t take them with us on some of our adventures and it makes traveling hard. You don’t want to leave your babies with just anyone and then there is the whole missing them throughout your entire vacation situation.

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Choosing a honeymoon destination

Weddings are a great, very special moment in two people’s lives and a lot of planning goes into the saying I Do but what comes after that? In all the craziness of trying to plan our wedding, planning our honeymoon was also a huge part of it. We went through all the basic spots, Hawaii, Bali, anywhere that involves being in some cute, really expensive over water bungalow with nothing but crystal blue waters and then we realized something that changed our entire plan.

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Disney Day Trip: Do’s and Don’ts

The idea that anyone would make the drive to Disney world for one day to then turn around and head home should, well it sounds insane unless you live in the Orlando area, which I do not by the way. However this past weekend for a friend’s husband’s birthday we all did just that since we are all annual pass holders we figured eh why not.  So Sunday morning we woke up at the early hour of 7 am (not that early but for a Sunday it felt like it was) and we got dressed, mouse ears and all, for our Disney excursion. With about a three and a half hour drive to and from Orlando. We headed to our friends house and picked them up around 8 am, hit Wawa for a good morning coffee and sandwich and then hit the road. Continue reading “Disney Day Trip: Do’s and Don’ts”