Mental Health in our “New” Reality

Throughout this quarantine time in our lives it’s really hard to keep the time from blending together and it can cause some people to fall into a depression of sorts. Some people are working back at the office already, some are working from home, others aren’t working at all; whatever your situation it’s a time to stay strong through it all and most of all work on your mental health.

FaceTime or Video Chat – it can get lonely being stuck at home alone so don’t be shy and video chat whoever you miss! That’s the greatest thing about technology right now you can see someone even if you cant actually “see someone”.

Self Love – It’s so important to love on yourself throughout this time in all of the best ways! Be kind to yourself in the mirror, take baths, do face masks, always make sure you’re filling up your cup.

Routine – Especially if you’re home and not working right now it can be very easy to spend the day on the couch, don’t. Wake up every morning and make your bed, feed your pets, get your routine together; whatever works for you will work.

Self Care – Working out, eating healthy, taking care of yourself is so important because it can become so easy to go a month without washing your hair when you don’t have to see anyone but trust me, you don’t want to do that.

Growth – It is so important at a time like this that you focus on yourself and growth whether it be mental or physically. You have the time right now to look into that career change you’ve always dreamed of or to work on your portfolio, USE IT!

Stay Safe, Not Stressed – Yes it is important to stay up to date on the current news regarding the pandemic but consume the news in moderation and don’t spend your entire day stressing yourself out over it. We have to stay safe, wash our hands, and social distance; that doesn’t mean you have to stay in a mental constant panic.


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