Confidence is everything

I wanted to give you guys a boast this Tuesday, were in the beginning of June and given that we are right in the mist of summer now I know how hard it is for some people.

Trust me girls I get it.

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The importance of focusing on you

Sometimes when you aren’t the average gym addict staying in the flow of health & fitness can be insanely hard. I work 8:30-5 and don’t exactly dream of heading off to the gym after work. I mean realistically I want to go home sit on my couch with my pets and relax. Yet, with my upcoming wedding and lets not forget summer that is getting ridiculously close I am stuck dragging myself to Orange Theory and eating carrots when I rather have cake.

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Coffee Over Cardio

Coffee is the thing that runs through my veins, I bleed strong caffeine. As you all know I am desperately trying to obtain my wedding bod and sometimes thats hard when you are coffee addict and have no plan to change that fact. Honestly it is the one thing I refuse to take away from my diet. So I tried new ways to make my coffee healthier, changing what I put into the coffee, trying to adjust how much I drink.

Then Coffee Over Cardio came along.

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Getting The Wedding Bod

Dieting has never been my forte. In high school I was very active in dance, committing over 25 hours weekly to my passion and it left me pretty thin in return. I would eat all that I wanted or when I wanted and nothing would happen because of my constant cardio workouts.

Fast-forward to a life after dance and my body was at a loss for what to do now. Many of failed fad diet attempts later and here I was looking at my wedding 9 months away and my body nowhere near what I wanted to look like on my wedding day. That’s when the will to power through kicked in.

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So I gave in, I started the Keto Diet

I have officially given in to the biggest Fad in America, heres why.

After a lot of conflicting reviews and talk on the Keto diet and it’s positive and negative I decided to give it a try.The Keto Diet is a high fat & protein diet that basically helps your body burn fat for energy instead of Carbohydrates. Who doesn’t like that idea huh?

I know a hand full of people doing the diet and the more I heard about it from friends who were 3-6 months in the more I decided eh. It’s worth a try.

Today is day one, so no I cannot tell you about my amazing results and how you should try this diet because I have no idea, if you should. I personally found how different this diet is from all the others intriguing so I decided, lets give this a try.

Going Keto has seemed to become a popular fad and I can see why, most reviews talk about people in Ketosis losing large amounts of weight in an almost record amount of time, so who wouldn’t want to give this a try.

What got me was the high amount of red meat & BACONNNN that you can eat, it was actually quite surprising to me. (But then again who says no to a diet where you get to have bacon? Not me!)

I plan to keep you guys updated through my journey in this an if it’s everything people are saying it is they I will give you my recommendation as well.

For now, I am excited to see how this one goes. If you want a list of the safe foods I attached an image below.



Luxe Protien

In the process of trying new things I ordered from Luxe their vanilla protein, Day and Night fat burner, and a blender bottle all that came together in a package of $160 dollars and then I added the Matcha Tea for $50 dollars.

I would start my morning with the Day Fat burner which was great. I absolutely love this Day Burner it would not only give me energy that replaced my morning coffee but it was delicious and without it I’m not sure I would have been able to drag myself out of bed for work in the morning. After I would finish my Burner I would go get ready and then after sometime I would have the Vanilla Protein.

I have to say that the vanilla protein was delicious for starters, I had it every morning for breakfast and I looked forward to it after the first few days. It isn’t only delicious but its filling, I never experienced any hunger between finishing my shake and lunch time. It helps speed up your metabolism and promote muscle growth.

Next after a nice healthy lunch I would have my Matcha Tea which I would sip on for a little while now I have to say I hate tea. I never drink it and my boyfriend is constantly making me try all his different teas that always results with me gagging in disgust. But Luxe Protein’s Tea is amazing, I would drink the whole thing and honestly wish I got more than one glass a day. The tea has so man good things for you that helps you detox your body. Whole plant dandelion supports liver and kidney detoxification, Cranberry fruit powder soothes and cleanses the urinary system, Beetroot powder encourages cleansing of the blood and liver, Celery seed targets fluid retention, Ginger soothes gas, discomfort and bloating, Japanese matcha green tea supports a healthy metabolism, Nettle supports cleansing and healing. (Nutrition facts taken from 

My last Luxefitness product is their Night time Fat Burner which taste like pink lemonade and sometimes I wanted to have the Night Fat Burner through out the day because it really does taste like Pink Lemonade which I loved. (and honestly wish that the Day Fat burner tasted like Pink Lemonade as well). Now this product I would take right before I would go to bed and I have to say this made me sweat more than the day time one and I think might have been one of the more beneficial products in my weight loss process with the Luxe Products. The Sleep Burner Plus contains herbal and nutritional ingredients to support your weight loss process as well as helping you get a great night sleep.

So not only are they trying to help your sleep but it helps you recover from your great workout that you just had. They also throw in L-Carnitine, and Lemon Balm will promote blood sugar balance and metabolic activity. (Nutrition facts taken from 

I have to say that I loved my journey with Luxe Fitness and I plan on making another order right now since I just ran out of my Vanilla Protein!

So my suggestion, GET ONLINE AND BUY YOUR OWN!

(Not a partnership with Luxe Fitness I just wanted to do a review of their products.)