Travel tips for Budget Travelers

Travel is everything I mean who doesn’t want to see the world! I know my husband and I are always talking about our next trip and where we want to go next and see. What I have noticed is that sometimes the greatest misconception is that traveling has to break the bank. Don’t get me wrong it’s going to cost you money but, here are five tips and tricks for saving and budgeting for that next adventure.

  1. Flights – Don’t just go onto an airline website and book a flight, you have to do the research first! Use google flights, hopper, and sky scanner for the best deals on flights regarding where you want to go or if you’re up for a real adventure use Kayak’s anywhere option to see where you can go for the least amount of money flight wise.
  2. Other transportation – play with the idea of renting a car to go where you want to get too if it cost less, or maybe even a buss or a train. Flying might be the fastest option but it isn’t the only option especially if the flights are too expensive.
  3. Your Stay – Sites like Expedia and hopper will show you various hotels and what they cost for the time you want to stay there but don’t count out airbnb! We once got ourselves our own very cute Boston apartment through Airbnb and we would definitely go back.
  4. Planning your days – a huge thing is the money spent while at your destination most of the time you don’t budget what you will be spending on food and activities but if you’re trying to lower spending you must budget! Preplan your days and activities, book tours ahead of time and know exactly how much money you need per day so that you don’t end up spending more than you can afford.
  5. Food – If you don’t mind some time in then cook your own food, this will be especially easy when staying in an airbnb or a hotel with a full kitchen. If you want to experience local cuisine then ask a local their favorite spot and give that a try, remember that going out of some of the tourist locations can also drop cost… A burger in Times Square won’t cost the same as a burger in Hoboken but I bet you it taste just as good!!!



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