Bakersville, NC

Since I was about 11 my parents bought property in Bakersville, North Carolina and at around fourteen they finished building a log cabin there that we then proceeded to go to for years to follow.

Well this past weekend my fiance and I flew over to Asheville Regional Airport, the closest airport to our family cabin and we enjoyed a trip in the mountains, alone. This is something I have never done because I have always gone with family, meaning we are always at least ten people.


We flew into Asheville and had lunch at this place called Tupelo Honey. I have to say it was delicious, some good home food, even better beverages and just all around worth a stop. After some downtown walking we decided to head over to the cabin, we got there about an hour later and once we were comfortable and hungry again we went to this small place called Bonnie & Clyde’s in bakersville.

Best. Milkshake. Ever.

I couldn’t help but notice a small sign on the door written on a piece of paper that read “Will be closed on June 12th for Jill’s wedding.” That’s when it really hit me. This was so small town that they could just write a note like that on a restaurant door and everyone just knew who Jill was and why Bonnie & Clyde’s would be closed for her wedding. Then we went to the movie theater right in town only to learn that it has one theater only.

They only show one film at a time here… So it was Aladdin or nothing. We sat in the theater and the family behind us spoke about Jim and how his truck wasn’t working again. The kids pointed us out to their parents and said “who’s that?” It was just clear that we were not from there. It was quite the experience to spend a weekend participating in what was the perfect example of small down USA.

(Aladdin was great by the way if you were wondering.)

We went to the Linville caverns which I found extremely cool and fun to experience again and my best friend came over from Tennessee for dinner one night. We made a drive to Charlotte and got to check out the city vibe which was also something I loved.

It was very, calm, and nice to get to see the things we wanted to see even though we will definitely be back again.

Give this small town a visit if you’re every near by! Tell us about your favorite small towns that you have been to!!

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