Bachelorette’s guide to Nashville!

Nashville is the city where country music thrives; full of cowboy boots, country songs, and bachelorettes? Yea that’s right, Nashville is a top location for bachelorette parties right now and me and my group were all over that. With my wedding quickly approaching my closest girlfriends and I jetted off for a weekend trip to the city where country music was born and apparently so was bear chugging.

Side note: Chugging carbonated drinks, overrated.

This trip started out for the most part as a complete surprise to me, I had an idea sure of what the plans would be but mostly my girls planned and I just showed up.

Day one was filled with food, music, and alcohol. We landed and went straight to the gulge for lunch and no that is not a restaurant it is an area in Nashville. Then it was to the airbnb to drop our things and get ready for our night on the town. Our night however started at Lyons Entertainment Male Revenue, I’ll save you the details but I will let you know that southern hospitality follows through the strip clubs. For a strip club they’re extremely respectful which is nice for the girls who just want to sit in the back.

Then we went to bottle service at a club called The Back Corner which was great bottle service but empty pretty much the entire time. It was us, the waiters, and these two girls on molly dancing on the dance floor. Luckily we were all having so much fun together it didn’t matter to us at all.

Sunday Funday lives up to the hype on the Honky Tonk bus tours! Listen to this; it’s a bus, with a bartender, and music, WITH NO ROOF. Plus it’s a private party situation so we had fun just dancing us girls. I would do this every time I go to Nashville bachelorette party or not! Two hours of dancing and drinking on a bus wasn’t enough so we went back to the strip and started with lunch at Ol’ Red. Any real country music fan would spot that name a mile away because yes this bar is owned by Blake Shelton and no, we didn’t see him sadly.

We spent the rest of the night bar hopping on the strip with some great places from some good music at Nudies to great drinks at Jason Aldean’s bar.

It was a trip for the books, there was a lot we didn’t get to do being that it was a bachelorette party but Nashville I will be back because I need to go to the country music hall of fame.

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