Missing Manhattan

I have been rewatching Gossip Girl and it’s been tugging on my heart strings more than you can ever imagine. Is it Chuck and Blair’s love and their inability to be together for the majority of the show? Is it Serena and Dan with their separate worlds? Haha No.

It’s Manhattan.

I love New York City, more than well anywhere in the world that I have ever been. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you are well aware and my heart has been racing. With everything that has been going on travel is clearly not an option and I must say it’s painful. The hustle of the traffic and the beauty of a 40 floor skyscraper is making me hyperventilate and since I can’t go to New York right now I am going to write a post about all my favorite spots.

New York is the state I have been to the most out side of the two where my family has homes (Florida and North Carolina). I absolutely love it and for a long time, sometimes still, I dreamt of packing my bags and moving to what I believe is the most magical place in the world. Manhattan has so many amazing places to go and when it comes to food they have so many amazing options. So many in fact that I wrote a post about it, if you’re looking for food options check out my previous post Eating My Way Through Manhattan.

What I didn’t include in that post is my all time favorite breakfast restaurant. It’s located on the south end of Central Park and it is called Sarabeth’s. It might not be the most cost friendly place to have breakfast but honestly, what is cost friendly in New York. NOTHING, is the correct answer.

Another place in Manhattan I love is Grand Central Station, I know it’s basic but it’s beautiful and when you walk inside it does more than take your breath away.

Most people like to shop in the upper east side on 5th ave because let’s face it that’s the Rodeo Drive of Manhattan but for those of us with much smaller wallets try soho. I love the soho neighborhood in general but it’s also a great place to get your shopping on!

If you’ve never been to little Italy in Manhattan, you need to go, you also need to eat at Sapori d’Italia. Best Italian food EVER! It’s also very close to Canal Street so you can get all the fake LV, Gucci, Chanel, & Prada that your little heart desires.

Time square is obviously a Manhattan staple it might not be worth an everyday visit but if you’ve never been to New York then definitely give it a go. It’s really fun when its night time, pitch black outside, but the lights make you feel like its still early enough to partyyy.

Speaking of party DON’T go to Coyote ugly in New York… Worst time of my life and the most empty bar I’ve ever seen. If you’re looking for a kind of touristy bar with great views try Bar SixtyFive it’s adjacent to the iconic Rainbow room and its inside the Rockerfeller Center. Personally I like Barcade, they have a big selection of craft beer, retro arcade games, and its in Williamsburg. Well the original one is in Williamsburg anyway and worth checking out.

Last if you want to get fancy head to the Carlyle Hotel in upper east side Manhattan for Bemelans Bar. Fair warning its expensive, the ceiling is covered in gold leak, and the waiters all wear white jackets. It’s like walking into a time machine and walking out into old New York. Yet, the real charm (and the landmark status) of this bar comes from the whimsical painted murals lining every single wall: They were done by Ludwig Bemelmans, the bar’s namesake and, more famously, the creator of the book Madeline.

All of this New York talk is making me want to book a flight, if only we can start traveling soon because I might start crying if we can’t.

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