5 Airport Tips for Travel Junkies!

I love traveling, it’s definitely something I enjoy. We may not travel for a living (not yet anyway) but we do travel enough to have some suggestions for you when hitting the airport. Getting through security quick, being comfortable on uncomfortable flights and much more!

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Bakersville, NC

Since I was about 11 my parents bought property in Bakersville, North Carolina and at around fourteen they finished building a log cabin there that we then proceeded to go to for years to follow.

Well this past weekend my fiance and I flew over to Asheville Regional Airport, the closest airport to our family cabin and we enjoyed a trip in the mountains, alone. This is something I have never done because I have always gone with family, meaning we are always at least ten people.

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Skin Care Routines, do you really need it?

Being 20 something  and having relatively no wrinkles and minor blemishes you’re probably thinking to yourself, do I really need a skin care routine? Like why would I spend money now on my skin when in reality this is probably the best it is ever going to look.

I will tell you why ladies, because this is the best it is ever going to look. You want to start taking care of your skin now! Before the wrinkles, before it’s too late. So I went on the hunt for my favorite skin care routine and I want to share with you what I found.

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Let’s talk Luggage

I love travel, you know that but what’s the most important thing when getting together for a long trip?

Your luggage.

A good luggage is everything because you don’t want to be that girl who’s luggage bust open in the middle of JFK, how embarrassing. So we are hear to break down some of the most popular luggages that have been popping up on your favorite influencers feed. Plus let’s be honest luggage isn’t just a bag anymore, people judge them, they’re fashionable, and honestly, they have gotten so cute. So we’re going to show you the cutest luggages to strut through an airport. Also I’m going to keep the obviously great dream luggages like the Louis Vuitton Luggage sets or the Supreme luggages off this list because honestly, no thank you I am not paying $3,000.00 on my luggage.

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The importance of focusing on you

Sometimes when you aren’t the average gym addict staying in the flow of health & fitness can be insanely hard. I work 8:30-5 and don’t exactly dream of heading off to the gym after work. I mean realistically I want to go home sit on my couch with my pets and relax. Yet, with my upcoming wedding and lets not forget summer that is getting ridiculously close I am stuck dragging myself to Orange Theory and eating carrots when I rather have cake.

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