The 48 hour guide to Chicago

My sister and I spent two days exploring downtown Chicago and let me tell you, we will definitely be going back. If you’re a city person it should be high on your list and a quick note we never really felt unsafe, a lot of people fear Chicago’s crime rate however if you do your best to stay somewhere safe, and enjoy the safer areas of the city you should not run into trouble. Here’s what we did in our short time in Chicago or the few things we deemed a must do while here for a short time!

We stayed at Hotel One Sixty-Six Magnificent Mile which I highly recommend this beautiful four star hotel to anyone traveling. The hotel amenities and comfortably large rooms are guaranteed to make you comfortable throughout your entire stay. We headed over to Navy Pier which was walking distance however take a jacket because the windy city got it’s name for a reason and May in Chicago was still insanely cold.

They navy pier has restaurants, a ferris wheel and sometimes live music we walked around for a little while and then decided to go get some ice cream! We headed over to BomboBar for some sprinkle covered ice cream and a donut stuffed with Nutella… Let me tell you if you are looking for a dessert place in Chicago i highly recommend you give this place a try.

We could not make a trip to Chicago without checking out the Bean and the SkyDeck at Willis tower which of course everyone does it and recommends it myself included.

Deep Dish Pizza! Okay you have to try Giordano’s deep dish pizza… If you have never had deep dish get ready to fall in love with it and think about how superior it is to every other pizza you have ever had!

The last thing we did that I loved and recommend is dinner Gilt Bar which is a speakeasy turned restaurant and not only was the food wonderful but the dimly lit speakeasy dining room definitely took you back to another time, add in a cocktail with your dinner and you’re a law breaker too!

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