The strip turns pink, Now what?

It’s been quite a while since I’ve been on here to talk to you all but the truth is I’ve been busy well going through pregnancy and having a baby. Then after I had my perfect little boy I realized how much I didnt know going through this entire process. That’s why I’m back to help you navigate this next phase of your lives.

So, you’re pregnant! Congratulations!

Now what?

Finding out you’re pregnant with your first baby it is the most exciting and rewarding thing I have ever experienced. However once that sets in you start to think… now what? You’ve never had a baby before and now you have to prepare for a whole life you’re going to be taking care of and responsible for. Thats why I started this part of my blog and why I made this list for you. Step by step guide on what to do once you’ve announced your pregnancy and need to start actually preparing for your little one.

  • Baby Registry – Your baby registry is everything! Start it as soon as possible because the more things people can help you out with the better. Having a kid is expensive and you want to have everything you need for your little one when they’re born. Plus the longer you have to create your registry the more time you have to research your favorite products to add for baby. I recommend adding products for multiple stages of your soon to be babies next stages in their lives also.
  • Pick a baby nursery theme – Picking a theme will only make the registry process easier if you have a theme you’ll be able to pick products faster or at least what they look like.
  • Have a child care plan – Sometimes the plan doesn’t go as planned and thats okay for me it didn’t. I had a daycare picked out, a back to work plan, and I ended up not being able to let my baby go to daycare changing everything I thought would be my plan. However, you should have a general idea of who’s going to be watching your little one when you return to work. Maybe you’re planning on staying home and need to give your job proper notice, either way you need to know what you want to do so you aren’t on the hunt for a daycare last minute.
  • Pick a baby name – Picking a baby name is so incredibly hard… I mean picking a boy name was so difficult for us we went through tons and tons of list of boy names looking for the perfect name for our little boy. So start early because it can take a while and there’s so many out there.

These of course are the basics of the first steps of preparing for a baby but it’s a great place to begin!

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