5 Airport Tips for Travel Junkies!

I love traveling, it’s definitely something I enjoy. We may not travel for a living (not yet anyway) but we do travel enough to have some suggestions for you when hitting the airport. Getting through security quick, being comfortable on uncomfortable flights and much more!

Below I listed my five tips that I ALWAYS live by when getting through the airport.

  1. Getting to security quick always check in online, a lot of time if you’re checked in prior to arriving to the airport the major airlines have an express baggage drop to get you moving faster.
  2. Getting through security quick, running to the security like, and getting through the machine’s really is faster if you have less on you. Check your bags, only board with the necessities.
  3. Finding your gate – don’t be lame, read the airport signs, some of these airports are huge.
  4. Being comfortable on your flight I always suggest an isle seat and if they have rows of two instead of three go for the rows of two!
  5. Neck pillows, good wireless headphones, download a good Netflix movie!

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