Boston, MA: Just a week in Yankee Territor

Last week I turned twenty five… Hello milestone! With that hard hit coming I decided that going somewhere and doing something new and different was a requirement of mine for my 25th birthday. Check something off the good ol’ bucket list as I turn a quarter of a century old. So after some though about where I wanted to go I ended up landing on Boston, MA. It’s somewhere I had never been before, I have always wanted to go, and I knew there would be plenty to do. Here’s the rundown of our Boston, MA trip.

First of all we went with an Airbnb in Beacon Hill instead of a hotel because hotels in downtown Boston, let’s just say that they’re extremely expensive and I’d rather save the money for well experiences.

Day one in Boston we got there kind of late so we just walked over to the Cheers bar for dinner which was well worth the walk. The bar was so cool, I mean really feels like the show and the food was great I mean just walking inside the bar you can smell how great everything is going to be. Even if you we’re a hard core fan of the show where everybody knows your name, it’s a spot worth visiting.

Day two we had brunch at a restaurant close to Fenway called Eastern Standard, the food was great and the coffee too but I don’t recommend the yogurt with granola. After we did a tour of Fenway park which I highly recommend. Fenway Park is the oldest baseball field in the league and being in the park you can just feel the years of hard core die hard Red Socks fans. The tour is no more than $25 dollars a person and to me you just can’t go to Boston and not see Fenway. It’s just not something you do. For dinner we had Walhburgers, now we have had it before in New York but when in Boston, that’s right go to Dorchester. We went to the Walhburgers in Dorchester and had what I can only say was the most delicious burger ever and good to the last bite. If you didn’t know Walhburger’s is a burger chain owned by the Walhburg brothers. I know what you’re thinking and unfortunately; the answer is no we didn’t get to see Mark, Donnie, or Paul but the food was still worth the Uber drive.

Day Three was kind of a relaxed one as I wasn’t feeling too great but we walked the city a lot which is really the best way to get to know any city and had lunch at Faneuil Hall. Magnolia’s has a small place in the food court which I completely fan girled over before ordering a vanilla cheesecake… The best vanilla cheesecake I have ever had by the way.

Day Four was also my twenty fifth birthday!!! But this day we did the Day Long Boston in a Day tour with Greyhound which I loved because we got to see so much more than just Boston.  It took us through everything historical in Massachusetts within driving distances and I say it was seven hours well spent. For dinner we went to Legal Harbor side because price be dammed it was my twenty fifth birthday and I wanted some really good lobster. This is exactly what I got here! The two pound lobster was amazing and I would go back to Boston just for this meal.

Day Five was our last day and we only had time for a quick bagel before heading to the airport, Boston we’ll miss you and we will definitely be back again!


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