To all my Brides & Grooms To be!

As you know I’M GETTING MARRIED IN SIX MONTHS. Which I am super excited for but I wanted to do a nice little suggestion post for all my newly engaged bride and grooms to be out there! Wedding planning is hard and honestly it should be, this is the day you commit your life to another, the day you begin the rest of your lives together as a team ready to take on the world. Also if you’re the bride you have probably been dreaming about your wedding day for most of your life… and now it has finally come. So I want to reiterate wedding planning is hard, but this is one day that symbolizes the next chapter in your book.

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Boston, MA: Just a week in Yankee Territor

Last week I turned twenty five… Hello milestone! With that hard hit coming I decided that going somewhere and doing something new and different was a requirement of mine for my 25th birthday. Check something off the good ol’ bucket list as I turn a quarter of a century old. So after some though about where I wanted to go I ended up landing on Boston, MA. It’s somewhere I had never been before, I have always wanted to go, and I knew there would be plenty to do. Here’s the rundown of our Boston, MA trip.

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Bakersville, NC

Since I was about 11 my parents bought property in Bakersville, North Carolina and at around fourteen they finished building a log cabin there that we then proceeded to go to for years to follow.

Well this past weekend my fiance and I flew over to Asheville Regional Airport, the closest airport to our family cabin and we enjoyed a trip in the mountains, alone. This is something I have never done because I have always gone with family, meaning we are always at least ten people.

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Skin Care Routines, do you really need it?

Being 20 something  and having relatively no wrinkles and minor blemishes you’re probably thinking to yourself, do I really need a skin care routine? Like why would I spend money now on my skin when in reality this is probably the best it is ever going to look.

I will tell you why ladies, because this is the best it is ever going to look. You want to start taking care of your skin now! Before the wrinkles, before it’s too late. So I went on the hunt for my favorite skin care routine and I want to share with you what I found.

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