Mental Health in our “New” Reality

Throughout this quarantine time in our lives it's really hard to keep the time from blending together and it can cause some people to fall into a depression of sorts. Some people are working back at the office already, some are working from home, others aren't working at all; whatever your situation it's a time [...]

Mind, Body & Soul

Since February 2020 I have made a conscious effort to be healthy, workout, and lose weight which has been very different for me. I feel that weight has always been a huge factor for me which can be crazy if you knew me in high school I was significantly skinner, some would argue too skinny. [...]

Hurricane Prep

If you live in South Florida you know that hurricane season is in fact a season and preparing for it is nothing like putting up a Christmas tree and preparing for winter. Hurricane season is easy when you do it with time and not right after a storm heading your way has been announced. If [...]

30 Before 30

I turned 26 yesterday, and even though I’m still 4 years away from turning 30, I consistently think about where I am now vs. where I thought I would be at 26. Somethings I accomplished, some I feel might have passed me by and it makes me think, where would I like to be by [...]