Four Months begins!

In four months, just four months I will be getting married to my best friend which is the craziest sentence I have typed in a while.

Me, Married!

I can’t even wrap my mind around the fact that I will have a husband in four months and yet it is incredibly comforting and exciting. This chapter in my life that I have decided to start with someone else will not be an easy one, that I know. My best friend or not we are bound to have disagreements, we are bound to have arguments, and we are bound to hit walls throughout this entire journey. I can’t even begin to imagine it because I know no marriage is flawless.

It might be crazy but it’s going to be a huge chapter for both me and him.

On Saturday however I will be jetting off to Nashville for my bachelorette party that was so elaborately planned by my sister aka my maid of honor and my best friend. I could not be more excited for a girls weekend celebrating the huge journey I will be starting with my fiance in just four short months.

With what feels like so little left to do for the wedding it makes it all feel even closer and the best part of it all is that so many of my greatest friends will be there for all of it. Some of them even going through it themselves planning their own weddings coming up after mine. If you’ve ever heard that life comes in phases it’s so true.

Everyone gets married.

Then everyone has kids.

And so on. I have three weddings currently planned for friends and family to follow mine, crazy right?!

With four months left to go everything feels completed at this point, from flowers to linen, it’s all done no peaks for now! But I promise you’ll get some photos after the big day!

Thanks for going on this journey with me!

Happy Wednesday!

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