The horror that is Car Shopping!

With my lease coming to an end it was time for one of the most dreadful things anyone can go through.

Car Shopping.

Walking into a dealership is almost a recipe for disaster, the minute anyone spots you they come rushing towards you like a cheetah on a hunt. Yet, it was time to endure this pain while on the search for my next vehicle. I started looking almost eight months before my lease ended in hopes that I would be able to find something I couldn’t walk away from. Now here I was a month before my lease ended and still empty handed.

Volvo. Volkswagen. Lincoln. Hyundai. Nothing changed, we walked in and there they came speed walking towards us like it was dinner time and we were a perfectly cooked steak. Through each time the games spewed out of their mouths and they looked at us like they had us and each time we’d smile politely and walk away.


I was convinced that I would once again settled for another car that was, okay. My first car was a two door Honda civic and I loved her, it was the one and only care I have ever owned. When we sold that car I cried.


She was followed by a Mazda 3 which, was nice but I didn’t pick it we just got a good deal and was my first leased car ever. The Mazda was then followed by my Nissan Altima which although it served me extremely well it was a cute, inexpensive car and I was in need of a car as I didn’t have one. Now with the Nissan going back I wanted something I LOVED again.


Like my two door Honda Civic I named Lola but, dealership after dealership I walked away empty handed and disappointed.

My final attempt was Vera Cadillac GMC in Broward county where I went with every intention of leasing a GMC Terrain.

Five hours later and I drove off the lot in a 2019 XT5 Cadillac. Now you might be thinking; she got played, she’s spending way more money, they screwed her.


I gave them my budget, and they respected it with taxes and all they stayed under my monthly payment number. Also with no money down may I add.


It wasn’t that I got played, more that they don’t play. There were no tricks or games, they gave me the final number taxes and all. I didn’t think such a dealership existed! This post isn’t to convince you to drive an american made car, and I get no credit if you go to Vera Cadillac but it is to show you that with persistence you can find something you’ll love and at Vera, they really do treat you like family.



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