Working Moms on Netflix

So this new show called working moms has gotten my attention and by new I mean new to me because season 1 aired in 2017. Nevertheless I just started it and am only about four episodes in. I’m writing a post about it because all I can say after four episodes is wow…

I mean we all know being a mom will be a challenge, if it was easy everyone would do it but being a working mom is a different challenge all its own. Never did I really think about that before watching this show. Kate who is a PR firm executive reminds me a lot of my mom. She gets caught working the late hours, competing for equality at work because she is a woman in a high executive position, and all while juggling a husband and a baby. Four episodes in and it gives you a new perspective on working moms.


Not to knock the stay at homes but, it’s just a different life. Some women are home makers, they do laundry and dinner and never miss a 1 pm classroom lunch because that is their life. Other women do all of that plus work a full time job because being a mom does not mean you need to trade in your career. It doesn’t mean you need to give up your goals or trade in who you are which made me remember books I read from Rachel Hollis. Where she talks about being a momma to three and still maintaining a business. It’s hard work, and not made for everyone.

Being four months away from marriage it’s obvious we talk about kids in the next 3/4 years of our future and it’s never been a subject we take lightly but working moms also gives you a very real perspective on the realities of motherhood especially for women who hold onto their careers. I wanted to write about the show because you might fear away from it if you’re not a mom, you might think it won’t be fore you yet.


Honey, watch it now and learn what will be coming for you in the future. I wanted to encourage every young twenty something year old couple who will soon be mommies and daddies to some beautiful babies to open their eyes and give working moms a try.

It might give you a new perspective.

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