Halloween at 24, who cares if it’s lame AF

Halloween was once a time where you danced the line on how classy vs. trashy your costume is. You worked hard to get as close to the line as you could without crossing it, you had multiple outfits for multiple parties and you never actually went trick or treating anymore.

Everyone goes through the time in their lives where that’s what it’s about. Halloween loses it festivities and just gives girls an excuse to wear less clothes and guys an excuse to rock outfits they’d never actually wear.

Then eventually it becomes a time where you have a kid and your Halloween turns into family costumes and trick or treating again. You go full circle.

What happens in between?

This year my boyfriend is working on Halloween; I have no desire to trick or treat and honestly its Wednesday night… No I am not going to a party when I have to work tomorrow at 8am.

So what do you do? How do you celebrate the holiday, alone at your apartment with a small bucket of candy in case you have a trick or treating group of kids here or there? It’s what I’ve thought about for the last few weeks because frankly I couldn’t figure it out. Is it lame to sit at home on Halloween cuddled with my cat and dog in pajamas while I watch Halloweentown on television?



The better question was, do I care? Absolutely not.

I’m sure in years to come I will have more Halloween parties, and in the future plenty of trick or treating nights with any future kids I may have but this Halloween my two kids are fur babies and they don’t do chocolate. So I considered my options and decided that a relaxing Halloween sounded really fun to me.

So this year I skipped the parties, I skipped all of it and I will be home watching old Halloween movies while I eat ice cream and pass out candy.

Welcome you young adulthood.

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