November 1st, And so it begins!

Today is November 1st. For anyone who knows me, knows that means that I am a very happy girl for the next two and a half months. November has Thanksgiving and while being obsessed with pumpkin is such a typical white girl thing of me to do it is true.


Pumpkin pie, pumpkin scones, latte’s creamer; you name it and this girl right here likes it.


My face mask is pumpkin for crying out loud.

I know I know, I’m a walking stereo type and honestly I don’t give a damn. I love this time of year. Living in Florida its the only time we get a nice breeze and if we’re extra lucky the weather will drop under 65 this year, these are the things of the year I live for.

Not to mention the pumpkin patches!


Then December comes around and Christmas is my absolute forte. I love it and this year i have an apartment to decorate, that’s right my friends we are talking hard core Santa’s workshop style. I’m off the walls excited.

My boyfriend and I along with our fur babies are doing a Christmas card this year and I am loaded with ideas. Nothing tops it. It really is the most amazing, wonderful and absolutely fantastic time of year.

And all of this amazing wonderful time starts today!
Happy November 1st Everyone!

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