Going to bed, Alone

Living with someone you love, is amazing.

Going to bed next to someone you love… even better.

What about if the someone you love, works the night shift.


People never think about that, but someone has to work at night and all those people, have someone at home. Five night’s out of the week I go to bed without my boyfriend because he works at the airport. It’s not a scary job, I don’t exactly worry about him the way a girlfriend of a firefighter worries or the wife of a cop. Still… every night, five nights out of the week I cook dinner alone, I watch tv alone, and I go to bed, alone.

In the very beginning the alone time was kind of great. You live with someone for a while in a one bedroom apartment it makes it kind of hard to watch the shows you like and he doesn’t. It made it difficult for him to play videogames sometimes. At first, it gave us the free time to do that. After about a week, that greatness is gone and you just start really missing them.

It’s a different feeling then going to bed alone when you’re single. He normally gets to bed around 2am. I’m usually pretty out of it, he normally kisses me goodnight, sometimes I wake up, sometimes I don’t.


I consider myself fortunate that I get to wake up next to him every morning. Seven mornings a week, 365 mornings a year. I’m fortunate that I have someone to miss five nights a week, someone who misses me. Going to bed without him has gotten pretty hard honestly, not going to lie but waking up next to him is great and I get to do that everyday.

Find the things that make you happy, the things that are a bonus.

My little family with my amazing boyfriend and my two fur babies… that’s the bonus.

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