The strip turns pink, Now what?

It's been quite a while since I've been on here to talk to you all but the truth is I've been busy well going through pregnancy and having a baby. Then after I had my perfect little boy I realized how much I didnt know going through this entire process. That's why I'm back to [...]

Mind, Body & Soul

Since February 2020 I have made a conscious effort to be healthy, workout, and lose weight which has been very different for me. I feel that weight has always been a huge factor for me which can be crazy if you knew me in high school I was significantly skinner, some would argue too skinny. [...]


When it comes to growing up many people take many different routes. Some people think of getting a job, others think about college, and many think about building a family. Adulthood shouldn't be a death sentence of a once rebellious youth where you lived freely and made mistakes. It should not mean that you hate [...]