Creating the “Perfect” Wedding Registry

"Perfect" is a subjective term. When planning your perfect wedding registry there is a lot of different things to consider. For starters, do you already have your own home or do you still live at home? Do you need help paying for your perfect honeymoon? Maybe you want some newer, nicer appliances for your kitchen! [...]


When it comes to growing up many people take many different routes. Some people think of getting a job, others think about college, and many think about building a family. Adulthood shouldn't be a death sentence of a once rebellious youth where you lived freely and made mistakes. It should not mean that you hate [...]


The one thing I've always thought was that you grow up to meet a man who loves you with all his heart and you treat him like a king and he treats you like a queen and you both live happily ever after... I always thought that happy endings were real and we found our [...]