What I don’t want to change with the quarantine ending

This quarantine has changed a lot for me and now that everyone is slowly starting to reopen I wanted to talk about the things I don't think I want to change now thanks to quarantine. Our lives were always insane by insane I mean insanely busy. Family events, friend events, school work, full time jobs; [...]

Miss to Mrs.

Well guys it finally happened, I got married! Yea I know you all have been waiting for it as long as I have and well the time has come and the time has gone. Let me tell you it was amazing, and honestly better than I could have imagined. Here's my tips for future brides, [...]

That’s right, I went Wedding Dress Shopping

Wedding dress shopping is probably the most stressful thing that my pending marriage has brought on. The venue, cake. The rest, my wedding planner helped. Wedding dress shopping, that shit is no joke. Not only is there the stress of finding the perfect dress for the most important outfit you will ever wear there is [...]

What is a healthy And happy relationship?

Everyone's relationship is different and it's hard to close in on what exactly is a healthy and happy relationship. Will a healthy and happy relationship have fights? Absolutely. Will you disagree? 100% you'll probably disagree many times. See a lot of misconceptions about happy and healthy relationships is people thing you don't argue when in [...]