To all my Brides & Grooms To be!

As you know I’M GETTING MARRIED IN SIX MONTHS. Which I am super excited for but I wanted to do a nice little suggestion post for all my newly engaged bride and grooms to be out there! Wedding planning is hard and honestly it should be, this is the day you commit your life to another, the day you begin the rest of your lives together as a team ready to take on the world. Also if you’re the bride you have probably been dreaming about your wedding day for most of your life… and now it has finally come. So I want to reiterate wedding planning is hard, but this is one day that symbolizes the next chapter in your book.

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What is a healthy And happy relationship?

Everyone’s relationship is different and it’s hard to close in on what exactly is a healthy and happy relationship. Will a healthy and happy relationship have fights? Absolutely. Will you disagree? 100% you’ll probably disagree many times. See a lot of misconceptions about happy and healthy relationships is people thing you don’t argue when in reality arguing is part of a relationship. You will never agree with another person on absolutely everything and if you do, then one of you is lying about something to the other which is way worse.

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Why you need a pet in your life

My friends who were married back in February just got a puppy and it reminded me of when we first got Phoebe and then the day we brought home Chandler. The day we got Phoebe we walked into Puppies & Rescues with the longing to have a furry friend but no desire to leave with one just yet. We met with a few different dogs and weren’t sold and so right before we were about to get up and leave almost sure we would not be getting a dog that day my now fiance begged.

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The Opposite Schedule Hump

One of the hardest things my fiancé and I have encountered throughout our relationship has been our current work schedule situation. Currently our schedules are pretty opposite and it gives us a very minimal amount of time together which is obviously not very ideal it makes spending time together hard even though we live together most days we don’t even see each other.

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Wedding Planning: It’s stressful

Wedding planning is no easy task especially when you have a guest list over 50. You have so many things to consider and so many opinions that you’ll have whispering in your ear that losing your vision is sometimes possible. So first off, remember what you want it’s your wedding day and most people will try to weigh in with their opinions, some will be worth listening to and sometimes you should just not listen to.

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Choosing a honeymoon destination

Weddings are a great, very special moment in two people’s lives and a lot of planning goes into the saying I Do but what comes after that? In all the craziness of trying to plan our wedding, planning our honeymoon was also a huge part of it. We went through all the basic spots, Hawaii, Bali, anywhere that involves being in some cute, really expensive over water bungalow with nothing but crystal blue waters and then we realized something that changed our entire plan.

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