Dropping my first 30 pounds

Losing weight has been hard and in some ways it's been insanely easy. Here's the thing when I got back from my honeymoon I felt bloated, I felt overweight and I was frankly very unhappy with myself. It just wasn't a good place to be when it came to my physical health. Plus being newly [...]

The Timeline

Everyone has an idea in the mind about when and how they want things in their lives to happen. The "timeline" what age you want to be married by, what age you want to have kids by, etc. and let me tell you my friends... It's pointless. Having goals is important and you should work [...]

What I don’t want to change with the quarantine ending

This quarantine has changed a lot for me and now that everyone is slowly starting to reopen I wanted to talk about the things I don't think I want to change now thanks to quarantine. Our lives were always insane by insane I mean insanely busy. Family events, friend events, school work, full time jobs; [...]

Missing Manhattan

I have been rewatching Gossip Girl and it's been tugging on my heart strings more than you can ever imagine. Is it Chuck and Blair's love and their inability to be together for the majority of the show? Is it Serena and Dan with their separate worlds? Haha No. It's Manhattan. I love New York [...]