Home Workout Routine

I told you guys in an earlier post about my current workout situation and the app called Neou  that I have been obsessing over and I do use it pretty much everyday! However I know no everyone has the app or wants to spend the money on it so here is a list of some at [...]


Meal Prepping

Starting this week the hubby jumped on the healthy train and so I spent my Sunday meal prepping for us both for the week. Now I still order from a meal prep service for my lunches so really the meal prep was for breakfast for us both, snacks for us both, and his lunches. I have [...]

Vixen Workout!

Ladies, have you ever been to a vixen dance class? Well if you haven't and you need a fun workout... go. In high school I danced over thirty hours a week and it kept me super skinny but when I graduated dance was over as much as high school was. So I have always missed [...]