Healthy Drive Thru Breakfast Options

Sometimes meal prepping your three big meals plus all your snacks just isn't sustainable.  So you rushed out of the house this morning and right into the drive thru line at the closest place that serves coffee. Now you begin to panic, you feel your healthy eating slipping away and think to yourself am I [...]

Meal Prepping

Starting this week the hubby jumped on the healthy train and so I spent my Sunday meal prepping for us both for the week. Now I still order from a meal prep service for my lunches so really the meal prep was for breakfast for us both, snacks for us both, and his lunches. I have [...]

Vixen Workout!

Ladies, have you ever been to a vixen dance class? Well if you haven't and you need a fun workout... go. In high school I danced over thirty hours a week and it kept me super skinny but when I graduated dance was over as much as high school was. So I have always missed [...]