Because New Girl makes me think about this

When it comes to love and romance and all that I have never been all that good at it, I am great at the corny little things and I am a hopeless romantic at heart and think that big corny displays of emotion are the best thing on earth. I love romantic movies where guys [...]

I know what I bring to the table. So trust me when I say I don’t mind eating alone

It’s been a really empowering week for me, let me tell you why. All my friends and family have been dealing with breakups, breaks, fights, and battles within their love lives and I stand back and watch thinking thank god that isn’t me. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with having or wanting a [...]

Whats your number?

At the age of 21 women hormones are everywhere. We feel all kinds of things both sexually and emotionally and we are constantly looking for the next best thing. We’re growing and learning and I think it is important that we do so. Every woman likes different things in the bed room and it’s important [...]