The Secret to Adulting

No one ever told me that adulting, was a lot of pretending. There are so many moments where I think to myself, wait am I actually allowed to be this much of an adult? I work a full time job, go to school, am in a steady long term relationship, have a nice little apartment, [...]


The one thing I've always thought was that you grow up to meet a man who loves you with all his heart and you treat him like a king and he treats you like a queen and you both live happily ever after... I always thought that happy endings were real and we found our [...]

People Always Leave

People come and go this is a term of life I have found comfort and familiarity with. Not everyone sticks around and according to the early years of Payton Sawyer, "People always leave." Maybe there's some truth there, friendships you thought would last a life time slowly derail and sometimes blood isn't enough to keep [...]

Ho Ho Ho The slay bells are ringing, well almost…kinda

It’s September and I can taste the Halloween air followed by pumpkin pie and Christmas joy. Yes I am aware it is still a month away for Halloween time... October 1st through about February or whenever the slight cold winter breeze that south Florida gives us is my favorite time of the year. I love [...]