A Quarantined Mother’s Day

Even with states beginning to open up people are still very on the fence about large gatherings. With Mother's Day this weekend everyone is asking the same question, should I go see mom? Can we do brunch? How do I show her how amazing she is and most of all how grateful I am. Here [...]


The Wish List Guide

The hardest thing for me every year is; Christmas, valentines day, our anniversary and my birthday. Really any event where I have to provide people with gift ideas for me is the most difficult thing, it always has been. My parents say that when I was little before Christmas they would have to take me [...]

Meal Prepping

Starting this week the hubby jumped on the healthy train and so I spent my Sunday meal prepping for us both for the week. Now I still order from a meal prep service for my lunches so really the meal prep was for breakfast for us both, snacks for us both, and his lunches. I have [...]