Clothing Brand Review: The Wolfe London

I love clothes, my side of the closet is insanely over crowded and if it could scream it would. I am constantly shopping and I love finding new clothes more than anything and recently I came across The Wolfe London which is a clothing brand based out of the UK. It mostly consist of hoodies, sweats, t-shirts, tracksuits; and after going through their website throughly I love them.

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Dressing Up Your Current Home Style

So as you guys know were moving into a new apartment in about two weeks and although it will still be a one bedroom one bath there is a little more to this place. For one we are getting a storage unit for the Christmas decorations or Halloween decorations that have been crowding my front closet and this new place was going to be fully remodeled.

Fully Remodeled, yup you heard me correctly the place is gorgeous.

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Eating My Way Through Manhattan

If you haven’t gotten the hint I love New York. It is easily my favorite place I have ever traveled to and I go as often as my schedule allows so I have decided to let you in on my favorite eats and a few of my not so favorite. Manhattan alone is filled with some of the best food America has to offer and I honestly think if New Yorkers didn’t have to walk everywhere they’d be the fattest people on the planet easily.

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The Opposite Schedule Hump

One of the hardest things my fiancé and I have encountered throughout our relationship has been our current work schedule situation. Currently our schedules are pretty opposite and it gives us a very minimal amount of time together which is obviously not very ideal it makes spending time together hard even though we live together most days we don’t even see each other.

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Coffee Over Cardio

Coffee is the thing that runs through my veins, I bleed strong caffeine. As you all know I am desperately trying to obtain my wedding bod and sometimes thats hard when you are coffee addict and have no plan to change that fact. Honestly it is the one thing I refuse to take away from my diet. So I tried new ways to make my coffee healthier, changing what I put into the coffee, trying to adjust how much I drink.

Then Coffee Over Cardio came along.

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Wedding Planning: It’s stressful

Wedding planning is no easy task especially when you have a guest list over 50. You have so many things to consider and so many opinions that you’ll have whispering in your ear that losing your vision is sometimes possible. So first off, remember what you want it’s your wedding day and most people will try to weigh in with their opinions, some will be worth listening to and sometimes you should just not listen to.

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