Working Out The Butt!

So you've been giving your diet and workout your all and the weight is coming off. You're proud, your body is toning up and you feel powerful and energized and then... You realize your butt is a little smaller. Let's talk about it ladies when we target weight loss and fat loss no one wants [...]

Self Care

Self care is hard sometimes and with our lives being always on the go it makes it hard to take a moment for yourself; for your health, your mental space, and for your over all well being. Through my fitness journey I have learned that it isn't only about being a size two or looking [...]

The Timeline

Everyone has an idea in the mind about when and how they want things in their lives to happen. The "timeline" what age you want to be married by, what age you want to have kids by, etc. and let me tell you my friends... It's pointless. Having goals is important and you should work [...]