What is a healthy And happy relationship?

Everyone’s relationship is different and it’s hard to close in on what exactly is a healthy and happy relationship. Will a healthy and happy relationship have fights? Absolutely. Will you disagree? 100% you’ll probably disagree many times. See a lot of misconceptions about happy and healthy relationships is people thing you don’t argue when in reality arguing is part of a relationship. You will never agree with another person on absolutely everything and if you do, then one of you is lying about something to the other which is way worse.

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House Hunting

My two week hiatus was caused to our move into our beautiful new apartment that I absolutely adore and could not be happier with. Joana Gaines would completely approve of my farmhouse style apartment and it just made me really excited for the future home buying process my fiancé and I will be going through in less than a year. We plan to start house hunting after our honeymoon in January 2020. Which is both extremely exciting and extremely terrifying, homes are expensive and when you buy it’s yours. You can’t just call the maintenance staff to come fix what is broken.

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Why you need a pet in your life

My friends who were married back in February just got a puppy and it reminded me of when we first got Phoebe and then the day we brought home Chandler. The day we got Phoebe we walked into Puppies & Rescues with the longing to have a furry friend but no desire to leave with one just yet. We met with a few different dogs and weren’t sold and so right before we were about to get up and leave almost sure we would not be getting a dog that day my now fiance begged.

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and I know you have all been struggling with what to get mom because I know I was. It’s hard to find something you hope she will like that she doesn’t already have. I completely under stand the struggle, I myself go through it every year. So I went on the hunt for some great Mother’s Day gift ideas so you guys didn’t have to.

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Clothing Brand Review: The Wolfe London

I love clothes, my side of the closet is insanely over crowded and if it could scream it would. I am constantly shopping and I love finding new clothes more than anything and recently I came across The Wolfe London which is a clothing brand based out of the UK. It mostly consist of hoodies, sweats, t-shirts, tracksuits; and after going through their website throughly I love them.

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Dressing Up Your Current Home Style

So as you guys know were moving into a new apartment in about two weeks and although it will still be a one bedroom one bath there is a little more to this place. For one we are getting a storage unit for the Christmas decorations or Halloween decorations that have been crowding my front closet and this new place was going to be fully remodeled.

Fully Remodeled, yup you heard me correctly the place is gorgeous.

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