Hair Tips for Thin Hair

I have extremely thin hair it's not falling out or anything it's just very thin it always has been. I also fried it so much after I had attempted going blonde so I have been working very hard at getting it healthier and thicker and lately it's been getting there. So I wanted to hair [...]


The Wish List Guide

The hardest thing for me every year is; Christmas, valentines day, our anniversary and my birthday. Really any event where I have to provide people with gift ideas for me is the most difficult thing, it always has been. My parents say that when I was little before Christmas they would have to take me [...]

Meal Prepping

Starting this week the hubby jumped on the healthy train and so I spent my Sunday meal prepping for us both for the week. Now I still order from a meal prep service for my lunches so really the meal prep was for breakfast for us both, snacks for us both, and his lunches. I have [...]