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Since February 2020 I have made a conscious effort to be healthy, workout, and lose weight which has been very different for me. I feel that weight has always been a huge factor for me which can be crazy if you knew me in high school I was significantly skinner, some would argue too skinny. Yet I don’t remember ever feeling confident about my body and how I looked. After high school I was no longer dancing which removed the almost 40 hours of cardio activity I would do a week and as you can imagine I gained weight.

The more weight I gained the more uncomfortable I got with working out and the less I felt like I could go into a gym and work out because of my weight gain and I felt like I just looked so big and out of place.

I went through numerous diets, on and off fad gyms and I struggled with consistency. It wasn’t until this past February where I decided to readjust my lifestyle completely. It also  wasn’t until this past February that I realized that weight loss and being healthier doesn’t mean perfection which was something I had been so guilty of before. I would do a diet and then have one unhealthy meal and I would then suddenly I would automatically think “okay well there goes my diet” and I would just stop being healthy.

This time I realize that it isn’t just about diet and exercise but about mentally preparing yourself for your goals. I mentally was never in the right place, if I wasn’t loosing the right amount of weight or if I had a bad day that’s okay. I had to realize that perfection was not the key to success on a lifestyle change and fitness journey.

That means that before I was ever able to successfully move forward with this long term I had to mentally realize that through out the process of changing my life for the better I would break sometimes, or not want to get that work out in and if one day out of the week I gave into those weaknesses that should not dictate my tomorrow.

The last few weeks I have been positive with COVID-19 and due to being sick I have slowed down working out for about the last three weeks however due to my changes in diet for so many months I’ve still lost weight. Currently 32 pounds down from where I began on this journey I have to remind myself that some weeks you loose more than others and some weeks your workouts are better…

It’s all about waking up every morning as a new day and working hard to focus that day on how you can make healthy choices and better fitness choices.

Do not let your yesterday dictate your tomorrow!

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