Hurricane Prep

If you live in South Florida you know that hurricane season is in fact a season and preparing for it is nothing like putting up a Christmas tree and preparing for winter. Hurricane season is easy when you do it with time and not right after a storm heading your way has been announced. If you wait for that then you’ll be lucky to find flashlights, water, or anything you need really anywhere.

My husband has a hurricane BOX, yea you read that correctly.

It has one roll of paper towel, two rolls of toilet paper, pet food and bowls, water bottles, food for us that won’t go bad. It’s basically a “we didn’t make it to the store before this storm hit” box.

However how do you prepare for a hurricane in Florida, what do you need? Other than the basic shutters or impact windows of course, well let me tell you!

  1. Water
  2. Food that isn’t perishable
  3. Pet food
  4. Toilet paper
  5. Paper towel
  6. Quick Dam (water activated flood barrier)
  7. Flash lights
  8. 100 hour candles
  9. Batteries
  10. Lighters
  11. Battery powered fans
  12. First Aid Kit
  13. Towels
  14. Emergency Radio
  15. Forms of signal (glow sticks, whistles, etc.)
  16. Hygiene products
  17. Days supply of prescription medication
  18. Copies of important documents weather sealed
  19. Cash is possible in small denominations
  20. Portable battery packs

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