Relationships and Money

Did you know that one of the biggest arguments in a relationship is money? If you’re going through this then you’re not alone… This is how we deal with money and do our best to avoid any battles.

Separate bank accounts

My husband and I have three separate checking accounts; his, mine, ours. Our bills come out of our joint account and every paycheck we put in the amount for our bills but then the rest we keep in our separate accounts allowing us to spend money on things if we have to. This is a partnership, if he needs or I need we help each other throughout it all.


I might have slightly more expensive taste than my husband but doesn’t every woman? That doesn’t mean you don’t live in the same lifestyle make sure you compromise and live within your means.

Salary Differences

Someone is always going to make more money period end of story! So don’t let that be a factor in your finances. Like I said it’s “our money” and I mean that! Even though I think separate accounts help you buy yourself a little treat every now and again without feeling guilty you also help each other if one of you needs it.

Money should be a topic in your relationship, no one should be in the dark. Someone always tends to run the bills sure, but you should always talk about this and that. For example I handle the bills by this I mean that I make sure they’re correct and get paid. However I talk to my husband every month, throughout the month, about the bills, they’re amounts, and everything in between.

Open conversations about money and your finance’s are always important.

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