Working Out The Butt!

So you’ve been giving your diet and workout your all and the weight is coming off. You’re proud, your body is toning up and you feel powerful and energized and then…

You realize your butt is a little smaller.

Let’s talk about it ladies when we target weight loss and fat loss no one wants to lose it from their butt. Women squat and pay for butts and you have one but now you have to work to keep it. That is okay! Don’t overly stress it you just have to make time to work on it. Just like you workout your arms and your legs your glutes deserve some TLC too.


Here is what you do!

  1. Cross Body Mountain Climbers
  2. Leg Lift Pulses
  3. X – Lifts
  4. Sumo Squat Side Bends
  5. Russian Twist


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