Creating Fitness Motivation

A lot of people have mentioned something to me that I haven’t stopped to think about in the last five months of my fitness journey: motivation. 

It’s always significantly easier to start the journey than it is to maintain it months down the road. Over time sometimes it gets hard to get excited for every workout and jump at the upcoming workout.

The truth is you aren’t always motivated and sometimes it can be a little difficult to get yourself working out when you’re just not in the mood to keep it going. So I am going to share with you my tips on how to make the most of your fitness motivation and what to do to keep workout out even when you might not feel like giving it your all that day.


Motivation comes easy when you just decide to start a new lifestyle journey, get your first workout in, or buy new gear or healthy foods. Then suddenly a week or two goes by, you have a very long day at work, and you’re just tired and want to skip that day. Suddenly your motivation has dropped and this is where your healthy habits you have implemented into your life kick in. Jim Ryun said: “Motivation is what gets you started, habit is what keeps you going.”

Thats why building these healthy habits rather than relying on a excited motivated feeling is so important. My biggest go to is creating healthy lifestyle habits that you can realistically follow. Developing habits for healthy eating or working out can help you to follow these behaviours, even when your motivation is low.

My workout motivation tips

So below are my best tips for creating healthy habits and start achieving your fitness goals:

Don’t rely on how you feel — follow a plan

I get the times where you don’t feel like working out that day, you just want to lay in bed after work or you really want that slice of pizza. Rest days are important but you should try to not skip your workouts just because you aren’t in the mood for it that day. When in doubt always remember exersize created endorphins, endorphins make you happy. So on a bad day no matter how sad or tired you are excersizing might make your day better so pushing yourself to exercise on the days you don’t want to can become second-nature to you and this can help to develop a habit. You have to find things about the workout you enjoy whether it during, or even that amazing feeling you get when you’re done to use your fitness motivation to the best of your advantage.

Make yourself accountable

Workout buddies can help enormously, sharing your workout with someone can help keep you on track.Making the choice to put your health first in every decision you make is a huge step to get yourself working towards your goals. Keep a fitness journal it can help you see how far you’ve grown over time from the things you couldn’t do when you first started.

Think positive and be kind to yourself

Sometimes we can be our own biggest critics and we’re too hard on ourselves when we don’t achieve a goal fast enough. You have to remember that weight loss doesn’t happen over night and it is a long process. It’s going to take time, lots of small changes, and hard work; to get you to those bigger results! Be kind to yourself and remember to keep slowly adjusting. Stop focusing on the negative things you didn’t do right and think about how to be better the next day instead. Realistic goals are everything, they will be your bread and butter!!! Don’t place too much pressure on yourself because over doing it on the pressure might leave you falling shot and feeling like you can’t accomplish your workout goals.

Motivation will get you started, healthy habits keep you going!

Healthy lifestyles can be extremely challenging and you will probably find yourself having many ups and downs. You just have to remember that motivation won’t be on 24/7 you have to remember that it’s pushing forward that really matters.

You have to slowly start out and aim to set healthy lifestyle habits that make you happy and remember to be less negative on yourself it will only make you feel more defeated.

Enjoy your Journey!

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