Keurig or Nespresso

Since I moved out of my parents house my go to quick coffee maker was a Nespresso, the coffee was good and delicious and I loved it. However I don’t know why I chose a Nespresso as I always grew up in a Keurig house and it was all I had ever know. Nespresso only lets you use their own coffee which was the first negative and their coffee tends to be more expensive than the Keurig k cups. Time passed and I hated not being able to buy Starbucks, Dunkin, and all other kinds of coffee for my at home maker so after two years…

I made the change.


Now here’s the thing the Nespresso was great but I don’t think you understand how wonderful the Keurig is… I mean right now the coffees filling my coffee drawer are Tim Horton’s and Peet’s.



I’m not against the Nespresso I mean like I said the coffee is delicious but the Keurig coffee is cheaper and I get all my coffee favorites from the comfort of my own home. I mean I don’t know if you know this but Tim Hortons is only sold in Canada I have found it in New York but that’s about as south as it goes and now I get to have it in my kitchen in South Florida whenever I crave it. It’s honestly amazing and maybe my opinion will change again over time but right now, I’m team Keurig.

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