Home workout must haves

Living in South Florida means we are not the first to open up completely from the quarantine and with the numbers slowly going back up it only means one thing, NO GYM TIME. You all really know that I have used this quarantine to lose weight and slowly get myself back to a healthy place in my life and I did it without gym access.

So what do I use for my at home workouts you ask? Well we all know I am completely obsessed with the Neou app and I use it for my cardio workouts which is extremely important however for some of my other workouts I need weights and other things that help me reach my full potential.


Below are my 5 must haves from amazon!

  1. Abs roller
  2. Resistance Bands
  3. The Pilates Stick Fitness Bar
  4. Kettlebells
  5. Water Bottle

I know a water bottle is not any from of workout equipment but water is so important; throughout the day, during the workout, all the time. Water is a key to cleaning your system and keeping you hydrated and full of energy!

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