Dropping my first 30 pounds

Losing weight has been hard and in some ways it’s been insanely easy. Here’s the thing when I got back from my honeymoon I felt bloated, I felt overweight and I was frankly very unhappy with myself. It just wasn’t a good place to be when it came to my physical health. Plus being newly married I knew that eventually we’d want kids and that would mean more weight gain which is expected but to add that weight on top of being over weight I just felt like I needed to make a serious change.

I’ve talked about the meal prep I order for my lunches and the healthy meal preps I do for breakfast well that all started in February maybe a week after we got back from the honeymoon. While I counted calories and macros I saw the first few pounds fall off which was really exciting.

It wasn’t until mid February I started going to the gym, nothing crazy, but you’d be surprised how good for you it is just to walk the treadmill, ride bike, hit the rower, ect. for just an hour.

In March however I found my cardio outlet with the Vixen Workout! I loved it. A danced based hip hop cardio class that’s also a full body workout. It was great, fun, and burning 600 calories a day my first class and I was completely in love with it.

Until COVID-19 hit the week after sending us into quarantine.

I was so determined I needed to find a way to do my vixen class somehow some way and then I found Neou – the fitness app which has the Vixen workout streamed on their app. My favorite workout any time that worked for me? Now we were in business! I did 45 min sweat sessions everyday until I got comfortable adding weight workouts in and then my workout changed to 45 min sweat session + leg day, arms, abs, ect.

Today I am 30 pounds down and still 25 pounds away from my goal weight RANGE. Why do I say range? Because I am not aiming for one specific weight I am aiming for a range and depending on what works for me look and fitness wise that will be my goal in the end. See I am not doing this just to be skinny, or just to be strong, I want to be healthy.

Healthy looks different to everyone, I just need it to look healthy for me. The journey has been hard sometimes, like when you really want that ice cream but I have found my ways to satisfy those cravings. It has also been easy, every time I look in the mirror and see progress I am instantly recharged for another workout.

The biggest thing I needed to realize is it isn’t about looking like a model in a magazine, it’s about how to be in a healthy place in your life.

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