The Truth about being a Fur Mom

I always grew up with pets, my mom had a dog and my dad had a dog and a lot of cats. My husband grew up the same way with a lot of dogs always at home so when we decided to move in together we both knew, we wanted a dog. We just didn’t know how to live our life without a four legged friend. It was only a few months after getting our Beagle Phoebe that we adopted a black cat and named him chandler. I wouldn’t change it, I wouldn’t trade them for the world however it’s very different having pets on your own vs. at your parents house.

So here’s the ugly truth about being a Fur Mom.

It’s a lot of work, whoever tells you it isn’t lied. Dogs need to be walked, they need to be fed and they need babysitters if you ever want to go out of town even if just for a night. Not to mention if you get a puppy like we did they have to be trained not to potty in the house or not to jump people when they walk through the door. Just be prepared to dedicate a lot of time to your pup. Cats are slightly easier, even as a kitten chandler knew to use his litter which was great, mostly if they’re fed and have a clean litter and some love they’re happy.

Money, Pets cost MONEY! You have food, vet bills, and if you’re a real fur mom TOYS! My pets are spoiled and I honestly love it, they both have their own beds and toys and eat the best foods and have a health care plan and all of that cost money. Pets are expensive and you have to be willing to put in the money. I decided to get them health care because like people pets can have health issues and I never wanted to be in a position where we couldn’t afford to get them the care they needed. Health care helps tremendously with that, luckily both our pets are very healthy right now and hopefully will be for a long time.

All in all they’re worth it, Phoebe girl will be 3 in November and Chandler just turned 2 in March. We wouldn’t trade them for the world and don’t regret anything about having pets, we do wish someone told us just how much work it would be so if you are considering getting a pet I hope you read this post.

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