The Timeline

Everyone has an idea in the mind about when and how they want things in their lives to happen. The “timeline” what age you want to be married by, what age you want to have kids by, etc. and let me tell you my friends… It’s pointless. Having goals is important and you should work towards them daily I completely agree. That’s a big deal because if not you just stay running in place so it’s not that I am saying don’t have goals or ambitions.


If you’re 27 and not married yet and you always wanted to be married by 24, your world will not end, your life is not over and you still have amazing things to accomplish. I am guilty of this timeline till this day you can ask my husband when we talk about kids and I say when I “think” would be the best time to start trying and why we should wait. I talk about buying a home and when we should finish closing on a house. Everyone has their time line and that’s okay you just can’t quit if it ends up playing out a little differently.

Not meeting your inner timeline can cause anxiety and depression, making you feel behind or maybe you see a friend do something that matches your timeline and you aren’t there yet. Listen, it’s going to be different for everyone. I have friends who are married, friends who are engaged with kids, friends who live at home, friends in college, friends who graduated; everyone’s time line is going to look different and that’s okay.

Your goal is to accomplish your goals no matter how the picture looks to someone else regarding the how or the when. I am twenty five and married but I know people who waiting till late thirties for marriage, it’s all about what works for you in your life and when.

I think your shouldn’t go crazy when you feel a little behind because some where some one feels behind by watching you take each step forward. Don’t compare and just keep moving forward.

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