What I don’t want to change with the quarantine ending

This quarantine has changed a lot for me and now that everyone is slowly starting to reopen I wanted to talk about the things I don’t think I want to change now thanks to quarantine. Our lives were always insane by insane I mean insanely busy. Family events, friend events, school work, full time jobs; if I’m being completely honest we hadn’t had a few weekend in such a long time. This quarantine changed all of that, freeing up our nights and weekends allowing me to refocus on my health, work harder for school things, and stress work just a little less. So now that everything has been reopening there’s somethings I desperately want to stay the same.

Bad work days would ruin my evenings, by that I mean I would be so mentally drained when I got home I wouldn’t want to work out or write or really do anything productive and I’ve been able to change that which honestly has been amazing. Spending more time working out, with my husband, and just relaxing when needed has been really a blessing in disguise.

My health as you’ve read has become a priority in my life and honestly it hasn’t been that for a very long time. Finding the time to do things that change my routine has been great; meal prepping, working out, even if what my health needs that day is a bubble bath and a face mask it has been the right journey for me.

Free time with my husband has allowed us to talk about, dream about, and work on our future goals in a way we haven’t before eventually we will be buying a home, having babies, and continuing to work on the things we want to accomplish and it’s important to talk about those things and be on the same page. Talking about everything also makes less room for arguments and well who doesn’t love not arguing!

With things opening up and the quarantine coming to an end even with all the current rules I want to keep focusing on making time to workout 4/5 times a week, spend nights having dinner at home with my husband and focusing on myself, our marriage and our future.

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