The Quarantined Hair Salon

Alright so we’ve been quarantined for quite a while and I can’t just go to the hair salon, my husband can’t go to the barber and we’re just well STRUGGLING. I ordered hair dye recommended by my hair stylist called Maddison Reed and I also ordered myself a new bottle of Olaplex and well the hubs and I got to work.

So to be completely honest, he has dyed my hair before. When we first moved in together ya girl wanted to save money and so that meant my boyfriend (now husband) was my hair color specialist. Since we went through that fun time I had all the equipment however if you’ve never been through it I’ve tagged the must haves for you amazon 3 piece kit. This kit is everything you’ll need aside from the hair dye itself.

Now I’m a brunette, so this means basically all my husband has to do is get the color evenly throughout my head. It sits, I shower and then like magic it’s done. I don’t have very many gray’s so it isn’t difficult for him to cover the one grey hair up. If you’re a blonde and not the natural kind the process is very very VERY different.

You have to mix the blonde color with a bleach or “activator” to help the color lighten your hair however you have to be SUPER careful. Bleach can very easily destroy your hair and well I am still growing my hair back out from my blonde days.

I like to add some Olaplex into my color so that it’s protecting while it dyes and I do olaplex after to help repair any damage. (Can you tell I’ve had my hair fried off before?) I take all the precautions when it comes to an at home hair dye attempt.

For him it’s not that bad however cleaning up a mans beard is well, terrifying. What if I cut it too short or I get out of the line and then suddenly his beard is a mustache. No thanks. As for the top of his head well, we’re still figuring that out.

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