Quitting shouldn’t be an option

The hardest thing about a fitness journey is the days when you want to eat the cookie, or you don’t want to get your workout in. The moments when you feel like skipping a day won’t kill you or that slice of cake won’t ruin your diet. It is so hard to stop and think to yourself I’ve got this on those days. When you give into those days to many days in a row you begin to feel like that’s a wrap. I get it, no one is 100% on the ball every single day and if they say they are, they’re lying.

So what does that mean? Do you call it?


Here’s the thing, you have to stop thinking that one bad day. Once missed workout or one cookie will ruin the months of work. It won’t. You can’t binge on a box of cookies everyday and forget how to get that cardio in but I promise you that deciding to have a cookie today when you haven’t had one in months will not ruin your clean eating.

It also should not stop you from being good tomorrow.

I am guilty of this, the whole well I ate bad today so I guess that’s it for my diet. No. First of all you’re on a fitness journey, this is a life change, that means that one bad day does not make a life. Tomorrow can be just as clean, just as healthy, as every other day that you succeeded.

My journey is far from over but I felt like I needed to remind my readers as well as myself that it doesn’t happen over night and the small victories are victories all in the same. Quitting is not going to get you the body you want and won’t make you as healthy as you deserve to be.

It’s not just about abs and rocking bikini’s it’s about taking care of our bodies and making sure that we stay physically healthy for ourselves, our families, and our futures. You shouldn’t be able to “quit” a lifestyle journey because you’ve made the choice to be fit and healthy for you.

Quitting, is not an option.


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