Healthy Drive Thru Breakfast Options

Sometimes meal prepping your three big meals plus all your snacks just isn’t sustainable.  So you rushed out of the house this morning and right into the drive thru line at the closest place that serves coffee. Now you begin to panic, you feel your healthy eating slipping away and think to yourself am I really going to order drive thru right now? HELL YES. Then you think to yourself, but what about the last few months where I was so healthy and so good? 

I got you.

I will give you my “healthy” options for the three most popular drive thru’s that serve coffeeeeee! 

Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, and McDonalds

First of you will quickly learn my coffee order does not change at any place I order Cold Brew with Almond milk everywhere unless they don’t have cold brew and then it’s iced coffee and almond milk. However I’ll give you a slightly yummier option that still falls under a relatively healthy category. If you want a flavor added to your coffee, look for flavored coffee some places offer “shots” which are nearly calorie-free flavor enhancers NOT syrups. They are more of an essence, the same as if you brewed hazelnut coffee in your kitchen. There’s a hint of flavor but no added sugar. These can really help to add fun to your drink.

We’re going to start with my go to favorite drive thru to go through, STARBUCKS! My go to coffee order (Cold brew & Almond Milk). If you’re not a coffee addict like I am and you need some sweetness I suggest the vanilla syrup (one or two pumps only). Food wise I opt for their egg white bites because at 170 calories and all that deliciousness there is no downfall but if your looking for a sandwich I would have to go with the reduced fat turkey bacon 230 calories and honestly worth every bite.


Dunkin Donuts! It might not be Starbucks but hey, they serve coffee. Dunkin is cheaper too so that’s always a fun win! If you want flavored coffee Dunkin has a wide selection available in: blueberry, caramel, coconut, French vanilla, hazelnut, raspberry and toasted almond. When talking food at Dunkin the veggie egg white on an English muffin has 290 calories.  This is my favorite if I have to order food at DD. A second option is the Egg and Turkey Sausage wake-up wrap for 240 calories or an Egg White Veggie Wake-Up Wrap for 160 calories. Those are smaller than the English muffin sandwich so consider pairing one of those with a skin latte or macchiato for extra protein.


I personally am not a McDonald‘s fan but I know it’s a go to for a lot of people. McDonald’s doesn’t have almond milk which someone who’s lactose intolerant it’s really upsetting. A latte made with nonfat milk is a good option that keeps sugar and caloric content relatively low. A small iced nonfat latte contains 7 grams of sugar and 50 calories. If you like it hot, the small will have 13 grams of sugar and 90 calories. As far as McDonalds breakfast goes I only have one recommendation and that’s the Egg White Delight for 250 calories.



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