Storage in small spaces

For about two and a half years we have lived in a one bedroom apartment and when we first moved in we could not imagine filling up that one bedroom apartment. Two years later and let me tell you that changes. Your clothes begins to over pile the drawers, your holiday decor begins to fall out of the front closet, and you’re left wondering what went wrong. Well here’s how we deal with the lack of space!

Storage Unit

So yes we turned to a storage unit! I could no longer bare the boxes of halloween, Christmas, easter, ect. decor covering our front closet that also double’s as our shoe closet. Now our front closet has the space for us to organize our shoes on a nice shoe rack and nothing else falling all over the place.


Every few months you should sit down and do some spring cleaning even if it isn’t spring. Keeping the clothes you no longer adore out of the closet and making sure their’s enough space for the new stuff.

Keep the Shelves Decluttered

When you start putting to many things on one shelf, dining tables, or end tables; it goes from a crowded table to a crowded house. Crowded houses aren’t cute houses and well we all want our house to be cute even if it is an apartment.

Keeping your space from overflowing isn’t always easy and sometimes you’ll catch it doing just that. However give it a quick purge and you’ll be surprised what could happen!

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