The search for the perfect handbag

For a while I have been bouncing from bag to bag without, sticking it out for convenience. I have a few tote bags and some smaller ones but I haven’t had a nice steady everyday bag in a very long time.

I got tired of my giant black hole tote bags and every time I use a smaller bag for a day to day bag it just ends up so stuffed that you can’t even go through it and well it’s just not exactly usable or practical. So I started a hunt for a bag that had room for a minor blackhole vibe but also was organized and not too giant.

I looked into brands and what brand last the most and are the best bang for your buck out of Kate Spade, Michael Kors, Coach, Tory Burch. While Tory Burch and Coach came in neck and neck I have a Tory Burch bag I love so I decided to go through coach’s latest bags instead and after days and days of searching I found it.



The perfect bag, leather made, shoulder bag; it’s beautiful and with my birthday just a few months away it’s top of my list. Thats right I’m talking about the Coach Hallie or Dalton 31 and it comes in so many different colors! The Hallie bag is the medium version of the Dalton 31 so reality is that they’re the same thing, you just have to base it on what size is best for you. If any of you know my husband send him photos because this is the dream bag unless you’re shopping for a Louie or a Gucci bag. Let’s be real no one is spending 1,300 on a bag right now so I wanted to stay in a decent price range but let me tell you if you want a nice, beautiful bag that is great quality Coach is the way to go.



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