How to get Protein in your diet!

If you’re counting Macros and your protein intake is higher than what you’ve been used to it can be really hard to hit your protein goals.

Girl I get it

It can be so rough! You’re also pushing yourself so hard that you don’t want to miss your goals so I wanted to give you some ideas on how to hit your protein goals and how I mix in protein into my diet! I do get protein into my diet with the basics eggs, chicken, beef, protein shakes; all of those are of course a yes! However it isn’t always enough, but there’s a lot of things made to give you that added protein that you probably wouldn’t think of.

Yoplait makes a yogurt called yq that has 15 grams of protein in it. I love to add some berries into it and its a delicious snack that helps my protein.


Protein powder isn’t just for shakes! Did you know you could add protein powder to pancakes, or oatmeal? I know it’s crazy!!! But it’s so true and if that’s to much maybe you don’t enjoy getting creative in the kitchen then try some pre done protein waffles! My favorite are by Kodiak Cakes the blueberry flavor!


Also you might have not known but Almonds, Oats, Cottage Cheese, Broccoli, Quinoa; are all high protein foods!

Happy Healthy Cooking!

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