So your husband Games?

Video games are no longer for thirteen year olds who don’t have any friends. Now grown thirty year old men game and it’s a big deal. So the question is simple, is that a problem for you? A lot of wives and girlfriends have issues with their significant other gaming too much or sometimes at all and I am here to tell you… THAT’S CRAZY.

There are men who like to drink all Friday night, or go out partying with their guy friends; but your significant other likes to play video games at home, probably in his boxers, with no one around.


Let’s be real ladies, is it so bad? He plays video games and you get to lock yourself in the room watching that show you love and he thinks is cheesy and dramatic. Is it really that terrible?

The way I see it is you have to think about it like this…

Does his gaming cause any financial issues for you?

Does it keep him from working?

Does it keep him from his career or goals?

Does it make him a bad husband or partner?

Does it make him a bad father if he has kids?

If you answered no to all these questions then tell me… Why is it an issue that on occasion he likes to play video games with his other guy friends sitting at home, alone, playing video games probably in their boxers too. Personally I am in full support of the gaming it’s his guy time and allows me my girl time, he still works all day, his photography doesn’t suffer (trust me), and we find time together every night during dinner before his gaming and my girl time.

I’m telling you ladies it might be the key to a happy marriage.


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