A Quarantined Mother’s Day

Even with states beginning to open up people are still very on the fence about large gatherings. With Mother’s Day this weekend everyone is asking the same question, should I go see mom? Can we do brunch? How do I show her how amazing she is and most of all how grateful I am.

Here are some great ideas on what to do for Mother’s Day when you aren’t sure if you should break the 6ft apart rule.


Take her a care package

You can still head to moms leave her a gift, some breakfast and maybe a face mask on her front porch and then wave good bye and say I love you from the car. It’s about showing mom you love her and just because you can’t spend the day hanging out you can still show her your gratitude.

Breakfast in Bed

Maybe you live with your mom and you can’t take her out to eat, that doesn’t mean you can’t cook her a nice meal and take her breakfast in bed. Every time you see someone do something nice in a movie it’s always breakfast in bed so why not!!

A nice FaceTime Call

Maybe you don’t live in the same state and it’s not possible to do a care package drop off or breakfast in bed. Spend some time talking with mom on the phone, tell her how much you miss her and I promise you it will make her day.

The Perfect Gift

Just because you can’t take her out to an expensive restaurant doesn’t mean you can’t get her a nice gift worthy of her and all the amazingness she has done for you. Just remember the perfect gift doesn’t have to cost $500.00 or even break the bank. All you have to do is think of something she will love and go from there.

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