Spring Sales!

The sales have been full force right now in spring and honestly it’s been really hard to avoid it. Let’s be real, you’re at home, on the computer working remotely and then the email comes in from Kate Spade.

75% OFF Kate Spade full site


You suddenly click the link to the site and realize everything is on sale and you can imagine that cute new bag on your hip. Suddenly you’re sucked into the sales and from there it only grows.

So what did we buy? Let me tell you!

  • We got Mother’s Day gifts for four different moms (a Mother’s Day post will be coming later with all the details!)
  • I got myself these Steve Madden Flatform’s (which my best friend then gave me the money for as my birthday gift)
  • I bought new socks for the hubs as he needed a pair Nike Socks
  • I debated on a new purse (I just have not settled on one yet)

So is it shopping time? Definitely!

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