At Home Cold Brew

To say I am a coffee addict is honestly an understatement. I drink it everyday, I start my morning with a cup of coffee, I sometimes have a jolt in the afternoon and even use black coffee as my pre-workout.

Coffee is my happy place and while I love my Starbucks Trenta Cold Brew with Almond Milk it isn’t always obtainable and honestly a little pricey at $4.55 a cup. So this is how I make my at home cold brew!

Now first off I use Kitchen Aid Cold Brew Maker to make my cold brew coffee; it’s easy, it’s strong, and honestly it’s delicious. It has to be made the day before but you can make more than enough for the whole week (depending on how much coffee you drink that is) and it’s definitely convenient to have the coffee ready in the fridge.

Now the coffee itself is really your choice but I personally use Coffee Over Cardio they have so many different options I love their Messy Bun coffee as shown in the picture above and they all taste great. If you’re interested in giving them a try use 10NIKKG for a great discount on your purchase!

Once your coffee is done and ready and in your cup you have to think CREAMERS!

I personally like Silk Almondmilk Creamer’s  they have so many different options and flavors not to mention they’re Almond Milk so a great option to put in your coffee!

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