Teami Blends

Over the last month I have been on the Teami 30 day detox starter pack and I wanted to share with you all my experience with it and if I feel this detox is worth the cost. I have also tried a few of their other products and will be reviewing them in this post as well.

We’ll start with the 30 day detox starter pack, it comes with a 20 oz tumblr, a tea infuser, Teami colon tea, Teami skinny tea, and a calendar outlining what day to have each tea. I am not a tea person so I added honey to my teas for some flavor. Sine I started this tea I am down 10 pounds and 3 inches around the waist, however I did not depend on the tea alone. This was combined with a healthy diet and daily workouts. I do feel like the detox helped speed up my metabolism a little how ever like I said it isn’t a magic tea and you’ll have to eat healthy and workout as well.

The Teami wellness protein powder is plant based and chocolate flavored. What I LOVED most when I ordered this protein powder is that it isn’t made up of fake things. So many protein powders include things like lead in them. This powder includes 17 grams of protein and it was also chocolate flavored which really was the biggest selling point for me.

The greens superfood has a full day of veggies ready for you at your finger tips. At first glance and smell you might be skeptical because let me tell it’s no picnic but I found it taste well enough mixed with orange juice.

The last Teami item is their Tea infused Konrad sponges, I got the green tea one, it’s so soft and feels so good on your face. I use it with my facial cleanser that you can read about in our get ready with me blog post.

If you’re interested in any of the products we talked about today head over to Teami Website and use NIKKIL10 for a discount on whatever you order!

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